About me

We are here today, because I once could not see my next step, and now I want to help you find yours...

Our time is now..

Hey hey.. I’m Telma and, the author of Own your Dance and a bilingual life coach. I help busy working professionals maximize time so they can feel productive, energized to fully embrace and enjoy their desired lifestyle. I specialize in self reflection and accountability with a splash of energy and time management. I’m committed to having the hard conversations so more of us can live a life without self imposed restrictions. A life where we prioritize self care and spend more quality time with loved ones. Because when you are fulfilled, you can fully show up for yourself and others

My role is to be an accountability partner in creating a toolbox to help each and every one of my clients to stay committed to reaching their goal(s) and creating and/or maintaining a lifestyle they truly love, one decision at a time.

I like to think of my coaching relationship with clients just like 'dancing'; it takes two to tango, one leads, one follows and wears a great outfit. I would be the one wearing the great outfit, following YOUR lead to your success…

Now… I didn’t get here fast. I have always been passionate about self development but became ‘obsessed’ 6 years ago. I have over 18 years of work experience including being a caregiver, a pretrial services liaison, as well as working in the financial corporate world where I succeeded in various positions; customer service, sales, service management, underwriting, relationship management, and project management. My certifications range from CPR, College Grad in Business Management & Administration, to Life Coaching and High Performance Coaching.

I am an international work in progress and so are you!

Everyday is a gift in which you get to decide how you show up.

The choice is yours!

And Yes! You guessed right! I love dancing. I am unique, bilingual, and too direct to sugar coat my words. I am, as most of us, playing multiple roles. I am a Mom of two amazing girls, a wife, daughter, sister, and friend to some great people. I am a community builder and I love seeing others find their FULL potential. I am an avid hiker, love to travel, seek new adventures, and routinely push myself and my community outside of our comfort zone. I am as human as you are, I cry at the sweetest moments in life and lose sleep when I face my fears as I strive to live a life with no regrets.


the power of having a life coach...

...is in the space being held. The results created during our time together will have a positive effect in all areas of all your life. Because when you are fulfilled, you can fully show up for others!

Guess who was just featured at Voyage Phoenix Magazine?

I had the honor of sharing my story and mostly the why behind becoming a life coach.

what I do

My programs are designed to help you gain awareness of the magic that is already inside you!

It's your time

1-1 Program

Stand in your Power

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It's time to light up your life


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