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Own your Power


Limited Availability

3 months of personalized 1-1 coaching.

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Attend a Retreat

Offered twice a year! I team up with a holistic coach to co-create a transformational space and time to reflect.

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Stand in your power


Open only once for 2022

2 month program.

Meeting weekly for 8 weeks.

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3 day Awareness Challenge

3 day challenge created to raise awareness and take a step toward time & energy management.

Daily reflection

A quick daily check in to invite you to start your day in gratitude AND own the day as stay aware of your intentions, goals and mindset!

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Meet me

We are here today, because I once could not see my next step, and now I want to help you find yours...

I am unique, bilingual, and too direct to sugar coat my words. I am, as most of us, playing multiple roles. I am a Mom of two amazing girls, a wife, daughter, sister, and friend to some great people. I am a community builder and I love seeing others find their FULL potential. I am an avid hiker, love to travel, seek new adventures, and routinely push myself and my community outside of our comfort zone. I am as human as you are, I cry at the sweetest moments in life and lose sleep when I face my fears as I strive to live a life with no regrets.

Connect with me

Let's be honest for a second here...


Do you have a dream or goal but lack time / energy to make it happen?


Do you usually give up on goals when you don't see results or you start feeling frustrated?


Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and exhausted after a busy day?


You are in a comfortable phase but still feel like you deserve more!?


Are you tired of living in survival mode?


Are you living your life on autopilot?

If you...

answered yes to any of these questions above, I invite you to book a call with me so we can explore if working together could support you to live your best life the way you’re desiring to live it.

You are one decision away to owning how you respond to the same questions in about 3 months.

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